Karina Partners With Foot Petals

Posted on March 19, 2014 by Admin

Karina has partnered with Foot Petals to create a special collection of designer insoles that is available now at FootPetals.com.

The collection includes exclusive editions of the Tip Toes and Heavenly Heelz cushion styles marked by a high heel logo.

This marks the first celebrity collaboration for Foot Petals.

“I have been wearing Foot Petals in my shoes for years, not only on the red carpet and when I dance, but to make my everyday shoes more comfortable,” Karina said. “A lot of people ask me how I'm able to walk and dance in high heels all the time and I tell them the truth, without Foot Petals it's not fun! My genuine love of this brand makes our partnership extremely exciting! I'm passionate about fashion. Beautiful shoes are a must and Foot Petals is my secret to making everything more comfortable while staying stylish.”

Mistala Mooney, Marketing Manager for Foot Petals, adds, “It was a very natural and organic partnership. Karina loves and uses Foot Petals whether they are in her dance shoes, stilettos, or flats during the day. It is exciting to collaborate and create different patterns and designs that reflect her outgoing and creative personality and style.”

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