Karina Is InStyle

Posted on October 15, 2012 by Admin

Each week during this all-star season of Dancing with the Stars, Karina is sharing her ideas and inspirations with InStyle Magazine for the costumes she and Apolo are wearing.

Did you know Karina has designed all of the costumes for both herself and her partner since she began competing on the show? That's twelve seasons of costumes and designs. Amazing!

For each dance, Karina says she wants the designs to be memorable and stand out. This season, she has gotten inspiration from the television series Mad Men, which takes place in the ’60s in New York City, to create... Read More

Introducing Karina’s Ketone

Posted on September 20, 2012 by Admin

Karina is excited to announce that her very own dietary supplement, Karina's Ketone, is now available and can help burn away unwanted fat and help make you look slimmer. Her own unique blend includes Raspberry Ketone, Acai Berries, Resveratrol and African Mango. Raspberry Ketone has many weight-loss related benefits. It helps with burning away unwanted fat as well as preventing fat cell build-up. Combined with the African Mango, Acai Berry, and Resveratrol, you have a very powerful anti-oxidant-based fat burner to help you quickly shed the fat and ultimately the... Read More

Karina Stars in Eric Benét Music Video

Posted on August 17, 2012 by Admin

Karina is starring in Eric Benét's new music video "Harriett Jones". The single is from the R&B artist's new album, The One, and is in stores now.

"I'm so excited and so honored to be doing the female lead in the video," Karina says.

Karina choreographed the entire music video and thanks to some intense rehearsals like in the song's lyrics "there were no little trips that brought any falls..."

Karina's choreography gives the video a sultry sweetness and compliments the song's driving rhythm.

"He has swagger; he's got natural ability," Karina says of... Read More

Word Is Out About VESNA

Posted on August 15, 2012 by Admin

Word is out on the street about Karina's new boot, the VESNA by BEARPAW.

From bustling Times Square to the bright and busy Las Vegas strip, millions of people are hearing about this exciting third release from Karina's signature shoe collection.

Available at top retailers, including Zappos.com, Amazon.com and Sportie LA., the VESNA is sure to be a top-seller to match her first two releases.

The first shoe in the collection was named the 'Alyeska' and was launched as a limited edition piece sold in key independent boutiques and online retailers. The... Read More

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