Karina Shapes Up

Posted on December 28, 2010 by Admin

Karina has been busy making appearances and giving interviews on television and in print to promote her newly-released fitness video Shape Up With Karina Smirnoff. This premier DVD features Karina leading dance-inspired programs that have proven themselves over years of coaching and dancing. Whether your goal is stamina, core-strengthening, back, legs, arms, or those hard-to-get-to body parts, each workout starts with the basic fundamentals making this program suitable for people of all ages and abilities. So for a truly full-body workout, don't miss out on getting this first in a series of Shape Up DVDs. Don't forget to check... Read More

What Was Karina Like as a Teenager?

Posted on November 28, 2010 by Admin

Karina appeared on MTV's 'When I Was 17'. During the 2nd-season premier episode, she told funny but moving stories about her arrival in the United States as a teenager from Ukraine and how she and her close-knit family adjusted to American culture and life in New York City.

Against the backdrop of the music and pop culture of the 90's, Karina recalled several cute stories about her early dancing experiences including unknowingly dancing in polka-dot underwear in front of a large crowd. Even as a teenager, Karina's drive and ambition were evident and it is easy to see why she... Read More

Karina Tells Ghost Stories

Posted on August 25, 2010 by Admin

Karina appeared in two episodes of Biography Channel's Celebrity Ghost Stories.

In her first story, Karina related the story of her beloved grandmother's sudden death and the emotions she felt as a young child dealing with grief and loss. She described how she saw her grandmother as a spirit on a following day, knowing she had come back to say goodbye.

In her second story, she told a spine-tingling tale of being attacked by a "house spirit" at a friend's house.

Click here to watch the episodes again.

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Karina’s Name Used on Family Guy

Posted on March 15, 2010 by Admin

Karina's name was used as a stage name by the animated character Stewie Griffin in an episode of the television sitcom Family Guy. Voiced by Family Guy's very own creator, Seth MacFarlane, Stewie rises to stardom on a hit TV show. The episode "Go Stewie Go" shows Stewie (a.k.a. Karina) being adored by fans and teaching others that women are as good as men and should stand up for themselves.

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